Hemispheres' Roast for the Arts

The Roast for the Arts is the signature fundraising event of Hemispheres Arts Academy. For this event, Hemispheres Board members select a Sacramento community leader to be roasted in the fashion of the Las Vegas, Dean Martin Celebrity roasts. Six to seven local celebrity roasters are chosen for the honor of grilling our roastee. Each year Rob Fong, President of the Board, and the ubiquitous Master of Ceremonies, presides over this memorable event.

DarrellThe First Annual Roast for the Arts was an amazing success. Senator Darrell Steinberg, who was between gigs at the time, was our first Roastee. The panel of Roasters was West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon; Sacramento Fire Chief Julius Cherry; Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo; Dennis Mangers, President of the California Cable & Telecommunications Association; Richie Ross of Ross Communications; Tim Ryan of Ryan & Fong, Attorneys at Law; and Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis, President of AKT Development. Darrell, in a powder blue tuxedo, was a most affable Roastee and the Roasters surprised even themselves with their ability to humor the sold-out crowd. The event exceeded all expectations and the Board was truly heartened by the community's support for funding children's art programs.

The Second Annual Roast for the Arts featured Art Savage, President and CEO of the Sacramento River Cats, roasted by Mayor Christopher Cabaldon; Doug Elmets, President of Elmets Communications; Kevin Johnson, founder of St. Hope Academy; Sacramento County Supervisor Susan Peters; Warren Smith, Executive VP at Sacramento River Cats Baseball Club; Senator Darrell Steinberg; and Mike Ziegler, CEO of PRIDE Industries.



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